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The Controversy Of Capital Punishment - 1374 Words

The Controversy of Capital Punishment Capital punishment, or the death penalty, is a form of punishment that has been used as far back as the Colonial Era in America. Although it has been around for the entirety of American history, most of the scrutiny and controversy involving capital punishment arose in the 1972 Supreme Court Case of Furman v. Georgia, in which it was abolished, but quickly returned in 1977. It is evident that many citizens have ambivalent stances on capital punishment; some believing it is necessary form of punishment while others believe that the death penalty is a violation of the Eighth Amendment. Although capital punishment has been used throughout history and is seen by many as a form of justified punishment, there are many reasons in favor of ending the death penalty completely. Capital punishment is an unnecessary evil that should be found unconstitutional because of it is not practical, it is corrupt, and it is unable to deter further homicides from being committed. A brief history explaining the verdicts made by the Supreme Court regarding capital punishment in American history needs to be made to understand why capital punishment has become such a national issue in contemporary America. In the 1972 Supreme Court case Furman v. Georgia, the court ruled that the, â€Å"carrying out of the death penalty†¦constitutes cruel and unusual punishment,† (Hugo 1). Since the death penalty was considered at the time cruel and unusual, it made it in directShow MoreRelatedCapital Punishment and its Controversies 1434 Words   |  6 PagesCapital punishment uses death penalty as a form of punishment in many states and countries. It is a practice that has raised endless questions all over the world. Capital punishment or death penalty policy has changed in many countries overtime. Countries such as, New Australia, Zealand and 15 states in the US do not have capital punishment. One of the major concerns arising with capital punishment is because it causes ending of a human life. People and organizations of different backgrounds areRead MoreCapital Punishment Controversy1553 Words   |  7 PagesAlthough it is argued that capital punishment is a strong deterrent to crimes and serves as a just punishment, nevertheless, capital punishment should be abolished because it is a violation of human rights, carries a risk of executing innocent people, is a burden on taxpayer’s money and is discriminant in application. Capital punishment has been argued to be a violation of human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 recognizesRead MoreCapital Punishment Is Not A Longstanding Controversy Essay1151 Words   |  5 PagesWhether capital punishment is fair or not a longstanding controversy. Currently the punishment has still been carried out in some countries, such as China and the United States. Numbers of capital punishment in China is in the first place, compared to other countries (Sterbenz, 2014). However, 98 countries have abolished capital punishment (Amnesty International facts and figures on the death penalty, 2007). Although most of countries have no capital punishment to crimes, it is still argued whetherRead MoreEssay on The Controversy of Capital Punishment.2184 Words   |  9 PagesThe Controversy of Capital Punishment Since the earliest times, man has struggled with the concept of justice. The controversy of capital punishment has weighed on the minds of humans since the beginning. When we are wronged it is our natural instinct to demand compensation. This thirst for revenge can be seen in the earliest civilizations and societies. Ancient Hammurabi code states â€Å"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth† (History of the World). For many people this little axiom seemsRead MoreThe Controversy Over Capital Punishment2295 Words   |  10 PagesThe controversy with capital punishment has been debated for hundreds of years. The Supreme Court is likely to sway its opinion often about whether it should be abolished or instituted throughout the United States. There have been many court cases and lawsuits regarding this issue that has suggested that legislation would be the most effective way to ending the discussion once and for all. In order to abolish the death penalty, the majority has to agree in support of abolition for any legislatureRead MoreCapital Punishment : The Nation S Controversy3247 Words   |  13 Pages CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: THE NATION’S CONTROVERSY Matthew Isaac Political Science 102 Dr. Percival May 10, 2015 A rarity exists in a single topic that can cause a degree of controversy so large that it attracts politicians, judges, community organizers, economists and even religious officials to discuss it. This issue is one that some support and others oppose; that is, the issue of capital punishment. Capital punishment is loosely defined as the execution of an offenderRead MoreCapital Punishment Has Always Been A Major Controversy1710 Words   |  7 PagesCapital punishment has always been a major controversy ever since the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, became extremely popular as a use of â€Å"punishment† for ones illegal actions. The death penalty was first established during 1834 for crimes committed such as â€Å"idolatry, witchcraft, blasphemy, murder, manslaughter, poisoning, bestiality, sodomy, adultery, man stealing, and false witness in case rebellion† (Bohm). According to Bohm’s articleRead MoreThe Death Penalty: Multiple Methods of Execution1489 Words   |  6 Pages A metal skullcap attached to your head, and then you’re blind folded. What might be going through your head? Were you wrongly convicted, or did you deserve death? There are two sides to every issue. While some say the death penalty is a flawed punishment method because it is irreversible, and innocent people have undoubtedly been put to death, others say the death penalty is a humane method of punishing brutal killers by granting them a quick and painless death. Background and Facts Although thereRead MoreThe Importance Of Capital Punishment In The United States990 Words   |  4 Pages2017). Although the State of California has the highest number of inmates awaiting execution, California has only utilized capital punishment thirteen times since the 1972 Supreme Court moratorium on capital punishment was lifted in 1976 (Statistics, 2017). According to the Death Penalty Information Center (2017), race plays a role in determining sentencing in capital punishment cases (p. 11). Thus, in the State of California and Washington State, jurors were three times as likely to recommend theRead MoreThoughtful Reasoning For The Ultimate Punishment1613 Words   |  7 PagesLinda Chin Mr. Hoague AP Lit and Comp, Period 1 14 October 2015 Thoughtful Reasoning for the Ultimate Punishment Only the most dangerous criminals in the world are faced with society’s ultimate penalty, or at least that is the theory. Capital punishment, commonly referred to as the Death Penalty has been debated for many decades regarding if such a method is ethical. While there are large amounts of supporters for the death penalty as a form of retribution, the process is avoidable financially

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